My vim installation

07 October 2014

In earlier days, if you wanted to install some plugins, you had to download a file and place it typically in your ~/.vim/plugins directory. Today there is a kind of package manager, called Pathogen.vim. This tool or plugin makes it easy to install plugins in a private directory.

Basic Types in Elixir

02 October 2014

Elixir has like all programming languages some types. Here is an overview of some types.

first steps in elixir

21 September 2014

Elixir, the language of the future? For me it looks a promising language. I do like the programming language erlang and python, but I assume that elixir can be handy for testing purposes too. The concepts look like erlang according to me. Lets have a first overview of assignments.


06 September 2014

We all know that the for loop in python is very handy. We can loop a number of times and do something each time the code is running in the loop.

Most Wanted Letter

03 August 2014

Again some nice puzzles that I solved and where the solution was much simpler than I expected. The standard libraries of python are very powerfull. We look at a first puzzle.

I tried a new game at This is a kind of game for programmers. Learn you programming skills by playing a game. Cool, not? The game contains some kind of problems you need to solve. An interactive programming