Pycon 2015

16 April 2015

Videos for Pycon 2015 are online. I placed a link on this page.

Some pointers

10 April 2015

I read a lot. This post contains some links to documents that every tester should read.

How can you show the current revision that is checked out in git?

Explore It

02 April 2015

After reading a part of the book Explore It, written by Elisabeth Hendrickson, I wrote a summary of the book.

I needed a decent library for my needs, so I wrote them for myself. For that I wanted to have code that looks simple and is easy to use.

A new year

01 January 2015

I whish all my readers the best for 2015 !

Property based testing

29 December 2014

Property based testing, I discovered it a few days ago and it looks very promising for me. Of course python has a library for it.

My vim installation

07 October 2014

In earlier days, if you wanted to install some plugins, you had to download a file and place it typically in your ~/.vim/plugins directory. Today there is a kind of package manager, called Pathogen.vim. This tool or plugin makes it easy to install plugins in a private directory.

Basic Types in Elixir

02 October 2014

Elixir has like all programming languages some types. Here is an overview of some types.