We had already a few months a problem on the machines touchscreen that our interface behaved differently with a finger swipe as with a mouse drag and drop.

License To Kill

06 May 2015

Test automation, not simple. Sometimes we testers need to kill some processes. How can we do that? More in this post.

Test Reports are Dead

05 May 2015

Testing should deliver usefull information about our products we test. But the usefull information is placed in boring documents who are not very clear to the reader. So The message that we want to tell is not remembered. Can this be different?

Did we lose how to tell a story? Maybe it is true. Vipul Kocher explained it to us.

A test conference is always a source of new ideas, new inspirations, new people that I meet and many more. Therefore I would like to write down the most important things of the workshop that I attended in the morning.

Pycon 2015

16 April 2015

Videos for Pycon 2015 are online. I placed a link on this page.

Some pointers

10 April 2015

I read a lot. This post contains some links to documents that every tester should read.

How can you show the current revision that is checked out in git?

Explore It

02 April 2015

After reading a part of the book Explore It, written by Elisabeth Hendrickson, I wrote a summary of the book.